Rob Baird – Wrong Side Of The River

Rod Baird’s “Wrong Side Of The River” is out May 13th on Hard Luck Recording Company. Get it on iTunes, or in independent record stores across the nation.

“The worlds that Rob Baird builds in his songs are classic American wastelands. They are places where good and evil, law and chaos and so many other societal dichotomies evaporate like the moisture in the air. But the wasteland also offers freedom, clarity and the potential for redemption.” -NPR Music

“… soulful melodies and blues-battered lyrics that reflect the westward journey to rediscovering his music and redefining himself.” -Rolling Stone

“The expert mix of galloping beats, soaring pedal steel, robust organ and the album’s greatest instrument, Baird’s commanding presence, all make Wrong Side of the River the best kind of road-trip album, especially for when that dotted white line goes for days.” -Lone Star Music

Be sure to check out the trilogy video for “Ain’t Nobody Got A Hold On Me / Wrong Side Of The River / Horses” in the VIDEO section.